Week 4 FYP Map Organisation & Modular Modelling

Coming to the last leg of the modelling stage, I am thinking about unwrapping and cleaning geometry where needed. Sorting all my assets out and assinging them to there own maps according to scale allowing the most UV space to be used as possible.

I have layed out my scene below to show mysef what models will go on which maps according to scale –


As shown here I have my smaller assets selected and they belong to one UV map as the scale of them all will compliment each other. However if I were to put them on with the unselected assets it will only cause more problems later on due to imbalance in scale reducing quality for the smaller assets –


Another way I have begun to reduce UV space is by making my assets modular and giving them the ability to seamlessly join together, this has also been done with my tile roof piece shown in week 1 –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have also thought about testing lighting once everything is unwrapped and ready to be built in UE4. This could highlight any possible errors in the early stages of the project further helping me get the best possible result.

I am planning on taking a few assets such as my smaller assets through all the way to texturing before unwrapping everything as it marks another task off the list completely and it takes the load off unwrapping all 30 assets at once.

I am feeling fairly confident of the project and how I am progressing thus far. I feel that I may have some extra time that can go towards some of my green listed assets that could be cut if needed however the progression has been rather smooth lately.


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