Week 5 FYP Shelved Assets

This past week I have been unwrapping some assets, preparing them for texturing. I have done my smaller assets as mentioned in the previous week however whilst texturing all 14 of my smaller shelved assets I realised that I was losing quality in my work. There were too many assets in one map so in the end I decided to half them accordingly to size and have got quite a few nice renders of my newly textured assets –

Now having these at this stage I will continue and move onto my other half of the assets. Once those are textured I will begin to look at the walls and slowly get through all my assets.

I am also looking at making some more assets than I already have just to bulk up my scene more than it already has been. Such assets include a sakura tree, a front sign stone and a boulder. These assets will be sculpted in Zbrush just giving it that extra detail and realism of an organic sculpted look and also hard surface for the stones.

These will also be accompanied by alphas particularly for the tree giving it sakura leaves. and will make an appearance on my station’s roof adding some much needed colour variation.


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