Week 6 FYP Interior Structure & Wall Posters

we have now hot the half way point of this project and I’m feeling how little time is left with only another 6 weeks until hand in. That being said I have been powering through and getting some lovely textures onto my assets.

As previously shown I had started texturing some smaller assets and I wanted to go bigger this time around and do a wall –

Consider all four walls almost completed as using quixel I can save out the smart material I used and reuse it on my other walls to get the same colours and textures saving me a lot of time and work.

Here are the maps used for my wall. This texturing method follows Physical based rendering practices in Quixel Suite –

My wall wasn’t the only asset I have textured throughout this week. I have also managed to texture my second half of small assets and some posters that will be dotted around my scene. These textures are not finalised and need aspects of alteration –

These posters are a mix of online imagery and substance that I have created myself, so some of this work is not my own and I do not own it.

Following that I have three maps that were used, Normals and Specular didn’t have a role to play as there was not much need for them due to the fact that these assets are only posters however for the hand written material to make it seem more authentic a normal map may yet be introduced –

Lastly I have managed to get my second half of my smaller assets textured –

The books here were definitely the most exciting part of this endeavour as you can really go a little wild with it and choose books from wherever however still keeping it relevant to where the scene resides. I chose to do a manga which may seem odd for a train station however i wanted to give a feel it was a lost property and has never been claimed so has become reading material for the customers if they want to.

One of the books most hidden was actually a book that helped me create the structure of my scene so it is a personal easter egg if you will.

Lastly I chose a basic kanji book as trains are considered a way of travel and tourists may find themselves there and can give it a read if they so wish or have trouble communicating they can give it a quick read and learn a few phrases to perhaps help them on their way. This is all a way to build slight story in my scene.

The maps for this set of assets are as follows –


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