Week 7 FYP Moving Into Unreal & Texturing Interior Assets

So we have reached the point of safe return and must push through rest of the project….yikes!

Through the week I have managed to texture my other three walls allowing me to have a structure which can soon be filled with assets bringing together my interior scene. I have put all the walls into Unreal to understand how the textures and model react with the engine and see if there are any inssues early on before having little time to fix any occuring errors.

Here are some shots from Unreal –

Managing to get my walls textured was a personal achievement as it looks like a scene is brewing and you can almost imagine it right there rather than having loads of little assets hanging around all loose. That being said I have managed to get some other little assets done to fill up the rather sparse room you see before you.

These assets are picture frames and benches with a few other add ons that will fit nice and snug in my scene. Getting these done were essential to furthering my progress in Unreal as they are the filler assets to bulk out the scene –

The mass of these assets are picture frames however I also put in my clock in and the front sign of the station in the same map. The sign does not actually replicate what Kareigawa’s sign actually says, I adjusted it to say “Next Stop” which is the name of this project. You can find little extras like these with my smaller asset books which is well hidden but if you look closely you can tell it is the carpentry book I used to understand the joinery of the station, notices the little book next to the basic Kanji book in the yellow holster –


Following the frames I have also been working on my benches and other filler assets such as these –

The benches have been cut in half to save me UV map space so i could get optimal quality for my textures. When in engine the benches will just be compied over and constructed.

The Wooden notice board was fun gathering material for it however in my reference they were laminated and I wondered how I could get such an effect so I used the gloss map to my advantage and selected my images and made the space pure white on my gloss map and it made them shine as if they were laminated as seen above.

Having these assets ready to be imported into engine is the next stop for me as I can now get a lot of my interior into engine and start some basic lighting tests by week 8 out 12.

I will also be looing at baking some extra detail onto my models as thet are quite edgy and would benefit from some extra detail.


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