Week 8 FYP Lighting & Glass Material

This week has been extremely exciting as I have made progress in Unreal Engine as my interior has migrated into the engine. I have also tested some lighting in there and tests have gone very well as I’m happy with the result.

Take a look at my scene in te engine with the rendered lighting –

The scene still needs work as it is rather dark especially hard to see the shelved assets in particular. I will be inserting spot lights for more focal lighting and use a skylight to ligthen up the whole scene.

I have also got a glass material that I have created to put in my windows giving them that reflectivity and refraction that glass does. Here are some tested geometry –


I also have tested with volumetric lighting through my windows with a bit of a panar taking the cloud material in one direction and then a second paner moving the same texure in the other direction making a sort of light cloud movement giving that little something to the scene.

I am getting through my exterior and trying to get that into texturing as quickly as possible but it is incredibly modular and shall not taken long to texture and construct.

It will be nice to see my scene fully built in the engine with finished lighting and fully rendered. I do anticipate some problems with the lighting as my exterior has over hanging roof which can block out sun rays and make the interior look a little dull however I will be constantly thinking of other ways to counter act that issue and looking at similar reference.

Other things I will be working on are trying to to get an illusive world around my scene as I don’t want it to seem like a diorama, it does break the illusion of the scene. This will be a couple trees, a stump and a quickly made ground model. All these can then be taken and copied round to make a background scene.


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