Week 9 FYP Texturing & Adding interior foliage

Just passing week 9 of the project and the work is not slowing down. I have been working on building some more feel for the scene with some greenery as it follows a very similar colour palette so the green will make it pop.


This is an early test for my foliage that are just alpha planes and are not even modelled. This saves triangles for my scene as well as speeding up the process of getting a lot of foliage out in one go.

I have been altering my textures to fit with my original reference and the general station as there was a point where the station looked like it was spliced from two different ones –


As seen with the top image the bottom is far to bright orange for the top of the station and does not match. Knowing this I could not leave it like that so I went back into my texturing project and altered them to be a little darker, it was more work to alter the bottom half rather than the top but looking back at my reference the bottom was rather dark which flowed with the top much better.

Going for a more complex way of added some nature I began to model a sakura tree first in 3dsmax and then took the base shape into zbrush and added some more organic movement to the shape of it.


Here is a render of my tree, on the left has been high to low poly baked from 13,000 triangles to 2,500. You can tell the shape has degraded however it keeps a much nicer look than just having a plain tree with no added extra bumps and generally looks more interesting.

I have taken to doing more of my exterior now as the interior has got a solid base from me to work from. The exterior will be brought together in the next week.


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