Week 10 FYP (Easter Holidays Week 1) Covering Gaps & Sculpting

Nearing the end of the project I have been closing down on my level if which aspects need to be there and finishing off assets that are the final touches such as foliage which bring a different colour to the scene and really make it pop instead of it falling flat.

I have also utilised foliage to cover gaps in my scene, for example I had holes on my corner tile roof but as seen below the foliage covers it up nicely saving me to model the hole shut and save trianlges –


As seen in the first image there is a gap in the geometry where it is darkest however placing the petals over the gaps hides the abscent geometry allowing all viewers to be unaware of this issue.

I did want an outside world and prevously mentioned last week I did make a tree for that very illusion however that interation was put into engine and did not really fill it the way I wanted, thus I went on and sculpted a new tree that stood up straight rather than a tilt –


The tree itself came out as a good model however when placing around the alphas proved to be a little more difficult than I previously thought and took a lot of time trying to imporve and get it right however it would take even longer to make it ready for input into my scene, therefore I chose to scrap it as the outside world was not of my previous proposal and had not made it into my timeline of events during this project. It was merely added to make my scene feel like a world rather than just a diroama.

Knowing this I could not willing put more time and effort into something that was just there for an illusion and was not my focus so I ended up going to speedtree for the outside environment and then I could focus more on my actual scene and make it the best it could be.

Speed tree was quite effective thos in creating a nice view from inside and out giving the illusion of an outside world –


as clearly seen here the world beyond my scene still needs work but thanks to speed tree it has saved me countless hours of work that can be put to better use on the focal aspect of my scene.

The trees I ended up using were for mobile use and were fitting for my scene as they were far less in tris than some of the other options which reached up to 7000 triangles per tree.

I have also been working on my lighting as well, I have been toying with what time of day it will be and it seems to have worked best for me being quite early with the sun high in the sky allowing my scene to be quite bright –


This scene is my current advancement on the project still with quite a bit to do. I still have to do the surrounding platform of the building as it will not be staying purple.

This will not be the final scene due to the fact of the texel rate does not match up woth the outter ground and the inner surrounding the building so they would not seamlessly join in quality so I have made precuations in the next model ready for import into unreal with a much more nourishing texel rate that will make quality equal for the joining grounds.

My next stop for this project is finishing off assets (the last few) and getting them textured and into unreal to fully compete my scene.

I will also be dressing up my benches inside the building to make it seems like there has been people around and walking through this place. These will be classed as personal touches wich can be considered essential for projects to flare life into them.


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