Week 11 FYP (Easter Holidays Week 2) Exterior & Foliage

Working into the polish weeks I have been trying to finalise and get things to a nice looking standard adding colour where need be to make the scene have a better more real atmosphere with eye popping colour.

In my previous week I had got a bit more of a scenic outside world with speed tree assets being the broad leaf tree surrounding my train station. I have since replaced the ground with much higher hills of geometry as I found the original piece of land didn’t hide the world as I would have liked. The new pieces that I have put in hide it much better and have also been retextured to better suit the situation and help blend the ground and rock together much more smoothly.


The image above is of my new land mass, very simpe shape and low poly. I used mossy rock to simulate grass or some sort of greenery which I thought worked rather well however thinning the moss towards the bottom leaving it more rock based which would blend with the ground much better and appear more seamless in transition. The land mass from the correct view point works well to hide the empty outside world as seen below –


I also wanted it to seem like it wasn’t just surrouned by rock which wouldn’t be realistic as how would people get there? I don’t think a walk in the forrest would do. So I also created a little passage way for cars and people to acces the station seen below –


I wanted to slope it and not have it flat as it would have cause further issues and time if it was flat as more of the empty world would have been revealed but having it sloped in a decline manor allowed me to just have a mini cliff hiding the view of what isn’t there adding to the illusion of my world.

I’ve also been adding a lot of foliage for colour with a couple flower beds as well as plant pots dotted around my scene –


I really liked the added of the vines in the scene as it seperated the building from its dark colour. The side of the building was quite empty however adding just a few vines it has up quite nicely.

More work that I have done is changing the concrete ground surrounding my station which is far less crazy on the normal map which I much perfer as the floor was quite a bit too out there but it has now been reduced and looks far better –


As seen in the two images above the ground has been improved from the first image to the second and the textures have been changed to something more suting of the scene. I also gave the concrete beneathe the station a little lip of geometry to seperate ot from the adjacent land man as it did blend to well which isn’t what I wanted and adding the little bit more geometry at the bottom seperated the two very nicely.

In this unlit shot of my station platform below I have textured details on such as drains for the gutters and the yellow dotted tiles. I have also added text which is common in japan to have writting on the platform in different colours however I took advantage of this putting in my own little twist as the wording reads from red – yellow as “Alexander Curtis” (red) “Next Stop” (blue) “Industry” (yellow). This is just a play on the final year project and the name of the my scene.


Finishing touches have also included in animating certain objects to give it that sense of life. I have aniamted both a flag in the wind and a clock, only small things but it will help bring my scene to life.

I have also made a jumper in marvelous desinger to drape over my interior benches making it seem people do come in and out of the station. below is a render of my jacket –


for the following week I’m hoping to be looking at finalising textures, importing animations into engine as well as adding more to my outside world with such things like bushes and more foliage. If there is time I will be looking at creating more assets to fill my interior a little more.


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