Week 12 FYP (Easter Holidays Week 3) Adding Aditional Assets

Last week was definitely more exterior orientated however I needed to get back to my interior with haste as it was still in need of some filling. I have decided my benches will be the main attraction as they are the centre of the room and rather large. I have added little pieces of my own such as jumpers hung over the benches as if someone was there waiting for their train ride.

As seen here I have two jumpers laying on either bench –


These are just a couple of little assets that fill the scene and dress the benches up making them look much more appealing rather than having them bare.

I wanted to have a sakura tree in my scene but ufortunately it didn’t make the cut and I was a little upset by this however an opportunity presented itself and if you notice the purple jumper and how its pattern resembles sakura petals.

As seen in the second image there are some polaroid images which were originally just there with not much reason to why, so I thought it would help add to the atmosphere if there was a camera there that the images would have been taken with. The jumper also adds to the fact that all this would have belonged to the individual waiting for the train to arrive.

Here are some more images of my polaroids –


As I have mentioned before I am a fan of easter eggs and in one of those photos there is an image of yours truly indicating that I am the one who is the tourist with the polaroid and purple jumper.

Here is another view of my camera and niether the model or the textures are overly complex –

HighresScreenshot00070this works as its a small asset and the detail is lost in the scene allowing it to look better without it having a of work in it.

To further add to my scene I have thought about occupying children or aduts if they so wish with colouring in an outlined image seen here –


I have gone in a done colours scribbled all over as if a child has done it whilst waiting with their parent/ guardian with many of these dotted around my scene. I have also got a colouring pencil holder that has been drawn all over which again I felt would add to story and atmosphere –


I have been spending a lot of time on animation this past week, more than I would have liked. It has proven difficult as I am not familiar with animation however after seeking assitance I should be having some working animations in my scene within the following week.

Coming ever so close to the end of the project I will be looking into a matinee for my scene as I think it would be a really nice way of presented the work rather than just a few beauty shots of it.

Before any final shots will be taken of my scene I will definitely be looking into more depth into lighting as I want that to be spot on for my final render. This will be my next step as well as adding a few more filler assets for my scene.


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