Week 13&14 Polish

These finals weeks have been some what draining to say the least. Last week was mainly certain assets just filling up the scene and I have done more since them as you will soon see.

I have added more assets such as a travel head cushion. My cushion eventually ended up being 38,000 triangles which would be too high for my scene and I ended up baking a high poly to a low poly reducing it to about 2000 triangles which was more appropirate for the scene –


The bake came out really nice as you have clear creases where the geometry is flat. The baked normal is quite pleasing to the eye as its a smooth bake with limited error –


Other assets do look into things like news papers that have been draped over the benches as if someone was in a rush to put it down and it just adds a little more atmosphere to the scene –


I felt after that the benches were dressed up in a way it wasn’t cluttered but it had an essence what migth have happened here.

As you are probably more than aware I like my little touches and have put myself and a friend on mine in the newspaper. Hard to tell from this angle but on the top side newspaper there are two images that dont belong. One is of a woman sitting on a bench and the other which is lost a little in the crease of the paper is an image of me walking away.

My last few assets consist of my sign post, a coffee cup, a one punch man card holder and a secondary sing on the side of the building –


The cups were spread around the scene to fill up certain sparse spaces. The Kareigawa sign was made to signify that this environment was Kareigawa as when you stop at a station there is a big sign notifying people of what station they have arrived at.

Since adding new assets I have been working a lot on my lighting playing around with certain aspects like the time of day and it has primerily been sun high in the sky however I have decided to turn it down to a more warm sunset mood adding yet again to atmosphere. I like to think it would make whoever views this piece drawn into the warm colours of the scene.

A lot of this was accomplished through my post precessor in the scene with added shadows from ambient occlusion and a look up table with a few other altered settings. Notice how it looks with and without the post processor –

Without Post Processor
With Post Processor

As you can see it add so much to feel of the scene making it less flat and breaks up the scene and giving it a nice feel for the time of day it is also.

One step in achieving this is to use a look up table (LUT) which basically looks like this as default –


However once you have taken it into photoshop and used the necessary levels to achieve the colours and shading of your scene it ends up looking something a little more like this –

Kareigawa LUT2

As you can see there is a remarkable difference between the two and all that is left to do is go back in Engine and plug it into the post processor as a Colour light up table and it will change your scene as below –

Without LUT
With LUT

Its a really good way of enriching colours and bringing out shadows where the natural engine lights just can’t produce.

With lighting coming to a finish I looked into rendering and with the engine “Highresshot 2” it does fall short of a proper render. The resolution isn’t the greatest so I saught out some software that could sharpen my images of my scene to give the best possible result.

I soon came across the Google photoshop plugin called “Nik” which allows you to sharpen images. The Nik is a little box with multiple sharpening and colour grading tools –


I mainly used Sharpener Pro 3 and Colour Efex Pro 4 for my final renders in sharpening and adjusting the colours to fit the best possible standard of the renders.

With a few tweaks here and there you end up with your final Imagery –


I was unsure to put it on but there is a bit of noise that was added through Post Processing just to give it a bit of texture.

I did have a matinee that I wanted in my final hand in but unfortunately it was unable to be finished on time. This has not stopped me creating it and it will be seen in the future.

That just about wraps this project up, 14 weeks of this environment and I have loved doing it and can’t wait to see what lies beyond the horizon.


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